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To identify and select 5 orang asli kampungs, to systematically implement our strategic development programmes to transform these kampungs into "models" for other Orang Asli Kampungs to learn and adopt for transformation into successful communities, economically and socially.

our mission

The other main thrust of our mission is to eventually build an Orang Asli Development Centre to provide educational support and facilities for skills training and development.


We are currently helping 6 kampungs with a combined population of about 1000 residents. 


1. Kampung Sg Ruai Tengah - Raub Pahang

2. Kampung Sg Ruai Hulu - Raub Pahang

3. Kampung Satak - Raub Pahang


4. Kampung Sg. Kelang


5. Kampung Bertang - Sinderut Pahang


6. Kampung Sg. Hara - Bentong, Pahang



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